Module Contents

class apscheduler.events.SchedulerEvent(code)

An event that concerns the scheduler itself.

Variables:code – the type code of this event
class apscheduler.events.JobStoreEvent(code, alias, job=None)

An event that concerns job stores.

  • alias – the alias of the job store involved
  • job – the new job if a job was added
class apscheduler.events.JobEvent(code, job, scheduled_run_time, retval=None, exception=None, traceback=None)

An event that concerns the execution of individual jobs.

  • job – the job instance in question
  • scheduled_run_time – the time when the job was scheduled to be run
  • retval – the return value of the successfully executed job
  • exception – the exception raised by the job
  • traceback – the traceback object associated with the exception