class apscheduler.events.SchedulerEvent(code, alias=None)

An event that concerns the scheduler itself.

  • code – the type code of this event
  • alias – alias of the job store or executor that was added or removed (if applicable)
class apscheduler.events.JobEvent(code, job_id, jobstore)

Bases: apscheduler.events.SchedulerEvent

An event that concerns a job.

  • code – the type code of this event
  • job_id – identifier of the job in question
  • jobstore – alias of the job store containing the job in question
class apscheduler.events.JobSubmissionEvent(code, job_id, jobstore, scheduled_run_times)

Bases: apscheduler.events.JobEvent

An event that concerns the submission of a job to its executor.

Variables:scheduled_run_times – a list of datetimes when the job was intended to run
class apscheduler.events.JobExecutionEvent(code, job_id, jobstore, scheduled_run_time, retval=None, exception=None, traceback=None)

Bases: apscheduler.events.JobEvent

An event that concerns the running of a job within its executor.

  • scheduled_run_time – the time when the job was scheduled to be run
  • retval – the return value of the successfully executed job
  • exception – the exception raised by the job
  • traceback – a formatted traceback for the exception

Event codes

The following event codes are numeric constants importable from apscheduler.events.

Constant Description Event class
EVENT_SCHEDULER_STARTED The scheduler was started SchedulerEvent
EVENT_SCHEDULER_SHUTDOWN The scheduler was shut down SchedulerEvent
EVENT_SCHEDULER_PAUSED Job processing in the scheduler was paused SchedulerEvent
EVENT_SCHEDULER_RESUMED Job processing in the scheduler was resumed SchedulerEvent
EVENT_EXECUTOR_ADDED An executor was added to the scheduler SchedulerEvent
EVENT_EXECUTOR_REMOVED An executor was removed to the scheduler SchedulerEvent
EVENT_JOBSTORE_ADDED A job store was added to the scheduler SchedulerEvent
EVENT_JOBSTORE_REMOVED A job store was removed from the scheduler SchedulerEvent
EVENT_ALL_JOBS_REMOVED All jobs were removed from either all job stores or one particular job store SchedulerEvent
EVENT_JOB_ADDED A job was added to a job store JobEvent
EVENT_JOB_REMOVED A job was removed from a job store JobEvent
EVENT_JOB_MODIFIED A job was modified from outside the scheduler JobEvent
EVENT_JOB_SUBMITTED A job was submitted to its executor to be run JobSubmissionEvent
EVENT_JOB_MAX_INSTANCES A job being submitted to its executor was not accepted by the executor because the job has already reached its maximum concurrently executing instances JobSubmissionEvent
EVENT_JOB_EXECUTED A job was executed successfully JobExecutionEvent
EVENT_JOB_ERROR A job raised an exception during execution JobExecutionEvent
EVENT_JOB_MISSED A job’s execution was missed JobExecutionEvent
EVENT_ALL A catch-all mask that includes every event type N/A